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Not Enough Time in the Day? Automate Your Law Firm with Guardian Capital.

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Turbocharge Your Firm With the Best Law Practice Management Software

Guardian Capital’s platform assists attorneys by swiftly managing a host of tasks to give their legal practice the edge they need to succeed. Stay on top of your game with software that helps you...

  • Organize all your case files
  • Easily access every client case
  • Add to or update cases
  • Consolidate records from one central portal
  • Automate your diary
  • Manage staff more efficiently
  • Bill like a boss
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Guardian Capital Saves Your Law Firm Countless Hours

Our software isn’t just reliable – it can also be tailored to suit your needs. Attorneys and legal eagles everywhere love Guardian Capital’s automation functionality, because it allows them to focus on building their practice and increasing profitability.


One-Stop-Shop Solution

Cases are arranged, maintained, and accessed from one central dashboard.


Easily Collaborate with Teams

Client files can be accessed by colleagues, making it easier for teams to collaborate.


Multi-Platform Supported

Compatible with Android and iOS on desktop and mobile.

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